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A team with a scientific background and a passion for the latest reasearch on the microbiome.

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Lina Stavreva obtained her PhD in Theoretical Physics from Florida State University in 2009. Following that she began a Postdoctoral Research position in France continuing her academic pursuits. When her son was born, she switched to academic/scientific/technical writing & research for the flexibility of the hours. Going through certain personal challenges Lina got acquainted with the microbiome and her interest and passion for the subject has grown ever since.

Combining her Physicist training with knowledge and experience from a year spent in a biophysics lab has been incredibly helpful in sharpening her perspective on the role of the human microbiome and the gut-brain axis for health in general, and mental health in particular.



Years of Scientific Research

Experience in biology, physics, mathematics, and computer science.


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A rich experience in different communication vistas.

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